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Why Urban Farming is a Growing Trend for Smart Cities

From Dubai to Beijing, urban farms are growing nutrient-rich produce entirely indoors, reducing energy costs and solving food security concerns

GX Talks: Filmmaker and Technology Futurist Ian Khan on Blockchain

What is the impact of Blockchain? Filmmaker, tech expert and three-times TEDx speaker, Ian Khan, shares his views

GX Talks: Hyperloop Chairman Bibop Gresta on Why the Future of Mobility is Ticketless, Frictionless and Sustainable

The system of transportation is broken, says Bibop Gresta, Co-Founder & Chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, but there are solutions

GX Talks: How to Reinvent Government Services With AI

Bashar Kilani, Region Executive, Gulf Countries & Levant, IBM Middle East, explains why data is fundamental for cognitive governments

The Future of Government Services: Part 2

In the second of a four-part series on the government experience, Dr Jonathan Reichental, CEO of Human Future, and Chetan Choudhury, Government Adviser, discuss benefits of moving to digital experiences and what stands in the way of broader adoption

GX Talks: The New-Age Customer and Redefining Experience Around Lifestyle

Jayash Patel, Head of Liv Digital Bank, Emirates NBD, discusses tomorrow-proofing and innovating to stay relevant in the new paradigm

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